Tuesday, March 16, 2010


5 letter word that can change one life. The power to stay focused in doing something can turn something from ordinary to extra ordinary. Just a thing that I need to be a super-woman.

~ Ugh! Saya lapar! ( -> memang statement yang tiada kaitan )

On another unrelated issue..

Friends requests

I was going through my friends requests list. This always give me a hard time skimming through the names.

How I choose the people I want to approve or not?

1) Name ( if unidentified, then go straight to number 2 )
2) Picture ( if unidentified as well, to number 3 )
3) Info ( try to find where in the world, me and the unknown-person-who-tried-to-be-my-friend had crossed path before )
4) Last but not least, its the mutual friends ( in hope that some of these connections will ring a bell)

If all the four criteria are not met. Click ignore button. hahahaha.

Well, I do have people who have fulfill all the 4 criteria but I just can't click the accept button because I don't want these people to pry into my private life through Facebook ( eg: Students, or Boss, or mereka-mereka dan keluarga mereka ). Just the same issue with si Chegu Carol juga bah.

Bukan sumbung bah tapi tu lah ada kepentingan yang perlu dijaga. Kan???

And it will be better I think for some to just drop me a line or two because there are times that I seriously don't know who you are because of your fancy names.

Out of the dictionary names

Oh gosh, I can talk about this the whole day. First of all, I want to ask these people. WHY????


I mean some people do change their names on Facebook using some common names that people will still can recognize them. I know, because me myself wouldn't want to use my full name as in the ID card to be my profile name.

But, ( random example ah, bukan memburukkan nama orang tertentu, kalau ada yang terngam-ngam, I am very the sorry! )

Cocopie, Melz CutesZZzzZZzz, Takeshi Hensemz, Iam the Butod, Yakuza Gin, TheGReatZZzzz, Lovely GurlZ Cinta, Nyamuks CutieZZzz dan lain-lain lagi yang sewaktu dengannya..

Seriously, you have identity crisis is it?????

Ok, that's all. Thank you very much


TaQuiLa said...

IamNoBody <-- i have this long time ago..suda del..

sometimes it's annoying ba kan mo ingat balik sepa ni urang yg bernama bombastic in ur list..

hahaha..satu lagi mo approve2 tu..hurmm, gitu juga criteria sa filtering my friends' requests..(macam artist pula ramai mo minta add..yaii..hahaha)

Rungitom said...

does Tom Rungitom counts?

Mas Light said...

I'm hungry >.<

CathJ said...

can we changed our name on fb?? hahahha... I am totally using name on ic... *dang!*

ArthAl said...

haha.. love that 'Iam the Butod' name. memang pun bombastic. and true, no one wants to reveal their truer than true name in cyberworld. i had this once, 'jin-berantai' (yang a'11th tu tidak kira, ada last name juga pun).. that's a joke, and a repellent actually. haha. anyway, about the boss/colleagues et al. (professional circle's people), i think i'm facing that problem now, and the only option, i guess, is, to sort these groups of people into groups, and tinker with the 'privacy settings'.. atau last option, buat akaun baru.. hehe..

chegu carol said...

i use my full name on FB so its only natural i wana add ppl who use just the same. or at least, a genuine profile for that matter.