Sunday, March 14, 2010

Queen of Hearts

The cold heart belongs to no one.

I watched Alice in the Wonderland. Damn, tickets are quite hard to get. Reached 1B after lunchtime. But the 245pm show was sold out! Have to settle for the 455pm show, and hey 3 hours to kill.

In the cinema, a lot of kids!!!!

And the funniest thing is when Alice killed the Jabberwocky, the kids applauded. Haha.

Lovin' the poetic scripts in the movie yet again there are moments that I wanted to fall asleep. Maybe it's not the movie, i am just tired.

On another note, school holiday project. I bought this jigsaw puzzle at Daiso. I am not a jigsaw puzzle person btw, but it's Marilyn Monroe.

I have been hunting for posters of vintage art or faces of vintage stars. ( Audrey Hepburn is next on the list ). Don't fancy dead people face on your wall? They are legends. So, I don't mind that. Haha

In progress, with the help of my sisters. ( Err, most of the work done by them, haha, I did the lips part only..)

I thought it's gonna take a whole week to finish it but it's done within a few hours..and it get all framed up now.



chegu carol said...

uii buli tahan juga tu.

CathJ said...

I love those pics...

TaQuiLa said...

wahhh..u hang in ur bedroom ka moi?uisehh..bleh kasi jadi motivation tuuuu..

Joan said...

sheila..bedroom la ni..hehe