Monday, March 29, 2010


Okay. so today must blog. I can't afford to wait until everything is done then only I will blog because that's never gonna happen. Haha.

And if I do wait, this blog will cease to exist.

So, last school holiday, I so to happen to be in KL when Zee Avi had her concert there. I was not planning to attend one until I realized that her concert date actually coincide with the time that I am gonna be there for my sister's convo. So red-tix it la..haha

At Live KL it was. I thought it was some new building that I haven't heard of because from the look of the place in their website, it was awesome. Manatau it is at the same building where TGIF is. Cess...susah payah lagi mau cari map konon.

We arrived there at 630pm and the queue was building up. Decided to hang around for a while at TGIF and gosh!!! the queue was really-really long! And we ended up being one of the last people to enter.

I was not really in the mood to be squeezed and squashed with the big crowd in front of the stage. So stay at the back saja la to watch. Somehow, still can listen what.

The evening was hosted by Aaron of Biggest Loser Asia. Remember the only Malaysian who made it to the final four. He is a funny guy la. Tony Fernandes were there also that night. He sat at the VIP table together with Zee Avi's dad.

Zee Avi came out with her drummer and her bassist and sang Poppy for her opening number. I think the crowd is a bit 'malas' lah that night. Not everyone really sing along with her. Only her songs like Bitter Heart, Honey Bee and of course Kantoi got the most participation.

She sang like 7 or 8 songs only. The show lasted about an hour. I think.

Anyway, her voice is amazing. Something fresh and different. No wonder she could get so much attention just by posting her videos on the net. Somehow, personally, I think that night can be much better if she had backing vocals to accompany her songs so that things won't sound so 'empty' at times. Haha. Now I don't feel I am qualified to make that statement. Hehe.

So, Zee Avi if you do need backup vocals, cari JADEsisters okay.hahahahaha..( nda malu promote ni kunun.cesssss )

p.s: Seriously today memang a kantoi day also la. I skipped assembly and thanks to the celupar-ness of my colleague, my boss dapat tahu.. cis!!!


theRev said...

haha... cikgu kantoi~~ :P

Dazeree Joan said...

sot ba c boni huhuhu