Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sushi Battlefield

Where: Sushi King @ Warisan Square
Time : Lunch time
Why : Because every plate of sushi is only RM2

First Challenge: Gotta queue up right before you can reach the entrance

Second Challenge: Must be patient even though the stomach is already screaming

Third Challenge: Gotta be very alert of your surroundings. This is because

a) The sushi on the kaiten belt is replenished every 15 mins
b) The red plates and purple plates are the first one to vanish
c) Everyone is hungry and everyone's eyes inside the restaurant has the eyes of an eagle in order to locate salmon based sushi.

Fourth Challenge: Trying not to laugh at others when your hand is the faster one to reach out for the most sought after sushi. Hahahaha!

Our location just now was the best because its where they put the sushi(s) after they take it out from the kitchen.

Result: Me and my sisters managed to finish about 38 plates of sushi which costs around RM63

We actually targeted 50 plates.

Tapi mau mati sudah makan....ahahahaha. Perempuan-perempuan yang kuat makan semua. Bikin malu betul oh



Unknown said...

nxt time bawa me bah... Boleh sampai 50plate tu! hehe joking

Annie said...

Ohh memang la kamu ni, kalau saya saturang, 3 piring pun susah mau habis, kali sebab teda kawan bah.. Hehe.. Boss sa pun inda begitu minat sama sushi..

Siok ada kawan makan ba esp when the friend is your own sibling! ^_^

Mas Light said...

That means 1 orang at least 10 plates. Gila. I think that day I didn't even reach 5 plate. XD

Rungitom said...

Keep it as a record, and break it some other time :D

TaQuiLa said...

fuhhhhh..nasib sa bukan sushi fan