Sunday, March 07, 2010

Monday in a few minutes

Minutes away from the clock striking midnight and hey it's Monday again. Gosh! One of the day that I dreaded most.


1) School day. Need I say more?
2) Lotsa errands to do and it is reality week again.

I have not been blogging like regularly anymore these days.


Plainly lazy.

Hey, it is not new right?

Joan = Lazy. Joan Lazy. I think it should be my second name.

Moreover every time I started typing something, I will be facing the laptop and my mind went blank. Very un-inspired.

Too much things going in my head but I just can't put it into words.

Okay, enough crap. Yada-yada-yada.

Updates for the past few days

1) Performed at My Story ( 5th Edition ) on last Sunday - will definitely blog about it later. If saya rajin la.
2) Sukan MSSD Tuaran - I was the physiotherapist . Haha. the not qualified one though. Pictures will be up soon in facebook.

3) Sunburned and burned out from the heat and responsibility

4) Tamparuli panas

5) Sabah panas

6) Hari-hari panas

And seriously, I need to sleep in the refrigerator tonight.

Very kesian kan, room no aircon bah!

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