Monday, March 08, 2010

Joan not in the wonderland

Today, I faced Monday with much courage and zest.

I even made a declaration that I am gonna be a dedicated teacher today.

Well, at least I made it to work on time today. That's quite an achievement.

But, some spoiler to the spirit.....

i) it was so hot during assembly, my head was throbbing and one of the teacher giving announcement is talking way too much

ii) i walked out of the hall, i tripped and my sandal putus!

iii) lucky got extra shoes in my car, but it was burning hot to walk to the car park. damn

iv) one of the class i teach today acting like barbarians and I snapped.. Major meltdown. I was shaking with anger and almost throw a chair to the students.

v) I just walk away in the end

Boiling with anger. Head throbbing. Eyes also sakit. Well, it is so wrong to complain a lot. Somehow, given the list of things to do. I pretend to be blind right now.

Netball selection, Youth Program, Church activities, Lent & Easter programs, Exam papers, Lesson plan.Meetings... and the list goes on.

Which reminds me tomorrow 7am. Netball training.

Until then, I would like to think that I am a super-woman.


ArthAl said...

ya, you are super-woman. seriously.

TaQuiLa said...

woman born to be a super-woman who can do everything at one time..


u la..and me, the second..hehe

CathJ said...

Nasib aik bulum kawin... if not pulang rumah... the list continue... LOL..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

gosh, i'm soon to join ur club.