Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rabu yang Haru

Breathing is the most important action of a human being. EVER!

One of my way to control my temper too. Damn, I am not-very-the-patient these days. If I were to be a volcano, I will be the most active one. Shooting out lava every single minute. Then die fast also. Haha.

Anyway, this week and next week gonna be so tiring. Today also, at this very moment, I felt so beaten up.

I woke up 6.30am today, and will be at school to coach the netball team ( 7-9 am ).

Came back home, get lunch ready, housework, get ready to school and 12noon I am off to work. 12-5.30pm is working hour but need to go and see the netball team also. 4-5.30pm.

By 6pm at the gym and by 8pm will be at Latin dance class till 930pm.

Drove home, with all the energy I have left. Why la Tamparuli have to be so far from KK?

PANAT!!!!!!!! tidur dulu lah... and I must sleep with the thought that I am a Wonder Woman.

I CAN DO ANYTHING.. hahaha. punya la itu optimism.


TaQuiLa said...

amoi..too much la ur activities..

ur body needs a break i guess..

So, lets have a great break and rest!

CathJ said...

tidur lah cikguuu... jaga cikgu marahh... ada yg kena rotan ni.. ;-p;-p