Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mau muntah


Muntah hijau sudah. Tolerance level of SS pictures have reached its maximum level.

SS pictures :

referring to the pictures taken by oneself by either
a) enlarging the eyes like its gonna fall out of the socket but still they think its kawaii - Duh!
b) pursing the lips like a duck thinking that it looked cute
c) ah, malas mau elaborate... you will know when you see one.

I mean. Seriously?

Ok, it is not wrong first of all because after all it is your facebook page. But the whole album with around 100 pictures is ALL the SAME pose, SAME clothes some more. I am not a very good photographer myself but I will do a photo shoot for you for free is you wish. Ok, the photo shoot part I am kidding la. Haha.

There are only a few conditions that I can tolerate this. ( because I sometimes can be vain too, but not THAT vain )

Just a few tips for those who wants to put this into display especially in Facebook.

1) Make sure you really look like some japanese/korean chic --> get your yourself a real mirror, no i mean not the mirror inside your room, mirror as in some second opinion from others. If you don't then, keep it to the minimum.

2) Just, I seriously, wanna say, JUST DO NOT post the whole album of yourself taken with the same pose, same clothes, same make up, same place, plus just a slight movement.

3) Lastly, set the album private, or just don't tag me. please. Exclude me from the eyesore.

Again, seriously, the whole album ( around 100 pictures ) with the same pose? ARGHHHHHHHH!!!

Saya muntah lagi, the thought of it in my head can make me nauseous sudah.



Mas Light said...

LOL sepa yang camwhore sampai 100 photos same pose ni WTH.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

haha. somebody's been reading my tips of creating cute poses XD

Rungitom said...

"enlarging the eyes like its gonna fall out of the socket but still they think its kawaii"

kawaii only in anime character, in real life equivalent to alien eyes.

"pursing the lips like a duck"

just like kissing gourami fish LOL.

Joan said...

massy..ada lahh tu. mostly iz me students..ada juga yang not a teenager anymore, got also..haiya, kalau miss universe lawa dia nda apa..too much self esteem case maybe.


amanda..ya bah, it's the tips in your blog la tu yang mengalakkan mereka dan keluarga mereka berbuat sedemikian kan..haha

Claire said...

hahaha...mimang bikin benchi juga la yg mcmtu punya jg la bila tgk kan..hahaha

btw, there's this site antiduckface ka tu especially for those who like to pout so much. maybe you shud comment since you've been tag you put the link there...hahaha

TaQuiLa said...


sampai u also kena tag ka? FB FB..

pa jadi suda..hahahaa

Pammie Pajammie said...

Hahahahha!! banyak tu kan begitu.. camwhoring sampai 100 shots thinking that the shot would be different or BETTER than the previous one. But SAMAAAAAA jak! annoying camwhorers LMAO! sa pun menyampah tingu urang begambar gitu Joan. *sintiki*

karulann said...

Hahahaha.. baru sy mau mencomplain about this... Cause I just saw some budak2 in my kg on my facebook posting picture like that...

Even my sis is doing that... Kids nowadays, haih.... It's kind like trend among them ba. But as you say, sometimes it's just too much and being tag means being forced to see the oic somemore...

CathJ said...