Friday, March 12, 2010

A smile

I am surrounded by many people around me. Good people. Happy people. I see people around me. But why do I feel there's a huge void inside of me?

Lonely is the word maybe.

Everyday it is a solitary journey

Happiness just don't happen like that although many say it is an option.

I kept myself busy and occupied until I got burnt out at the end of the day just to make sure I don't realize the void there.

Bad vibes and negative thinking as well as pessimistic thoughts; it kept on charging in.

Sometimes I just wished I never set my foot back to my hometown after I graduated and start my career in another line.

I just want to smile again. A real smile, real happy thoughts from inside.


ArthAl said...

used to do that, you know, keep myself occupied just to make sure i'm not thinking about all those little things. and it didn't really work out well. it's like consuming those 'happy' liquid and had a bad hangover next. so, just one little advise, make it simple, (of how you live your life) and follow where your heart is. and discovering some new passion, exclusive just for yourself, is great too. so, okay? cheer up!
p/s: you may not want to publish this comment, which i think is the rightest thing to do. hehe.. n_n

Mas Light said...

*hugs. Jangan emo, watch some onision on youtube ;)

CathJ said...

Lonely?? nah time to kawin already... hahahahhaha...

I am joking ahh...dont be me ahhh ^_^

TaQuiLa said...

we shud plan something!!