Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another post awake at odd hours

I wont dare to question God for the reasons of my sufferings, cause I never tried to question Him whenever I feel happy & fortunate.

Gosh - I saw this on my twitter timeline.

Suffering right now? Hmm..not really. As to keep up with the positivity and less pointing fingers to situation around me, I am trying my best to tell myself that I should not expect too much from others.

Joan, remember the 90 percent rule or whatever that it is called. For any occasion or situation, 90 percent comes from how you react on it.

I used to hold on so long to this principle

Expect Nothing and Accept Everything

Yet, this made feel like a loser at all times. Just that on the bright side, I managed to lessen the amount of stress on myself.

I remember the time when I used to attend counselling sessions during uni times, this is one of the things that I should do - to have realistic expectations.

Yeah, secret is out. I hope people won't think me has gone mental or whatever because you know, how skewed the view of our society about counselling.

counselling equates mental illness.

Looking at the calendar, I think its normal to be very moody now. Because I felt like hating everything right now.

And I saw pictures of babies on my friends' facebook page just now, I am sorry but I think babies are scary. Seriously the pictures of them scares me. period. It's the challenge of taking care of them and life with babies are the thing that scares me so much.

On another note, those who are still trying to ask me the bonus question.Bah bila la mau kawin?
..seriously not when I am PMS-ing.

You will get the rude Joan roaring at you.
I bite!


TaQuiLa said...

hola amoi..i guess u just need a break la. how about some retreat?
eventho i never been to any, but I guess worth to try kan?

CathJ said...

I hate the questions so much too.. 'bila lah kau kawin' (dulu lah ^_^)... I am the eldest... 3 of my sister married first (Those days).. kena langkah bendul 3x... you imagine how I gone thru the questions..

I have the same reason why takut kawin ;-p.. (takut baby too) I love them..but to have my own mcm takutttttttttt gila... Imagine I married around 29(Yeah I am that oldddddddddddd.... -_-) and later after akhirnya got married, I got so much complication on my pregnancy.. once I got 1.. I appreciate the only precious I have...

So all the best with your life... kalau kau mau makan tu org2 yg balik2 menanya... makan ja...jangan malu2... makan sama lada lagi... ^_^

Have a great day!!opsss... salah wish ni... PMS suruh have a great day lagi... opssss....

Anonymous said...

Hey, you are right about having babies part. The scary part for me is that having a child turns you life around that when I look back, I see I've become a whole different person. It's one of the biggest challenges in life, and I totally understand our fear of that situation. Once you've experienced it, though, it becomes the most empowering experiences you'll ever known, and you'll never stop being grateful for it. I know I am.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

for a moment there I thought you were scared of babies coz they are red, small and bad.