Saturday, August 21, 2010

a few other blogs

mau patah sudah pinggang duduk depan laptop. mau dakat 5 jam sudah.

anyway, done with all the emailing, paperworks, proposals, letter typing. I am feeling very much like a secretary now.

Weekdays work for government.

Weekends work for church.

So, the two blogs of mine regarding this two "careers" that I have

working for these two "careers"....

all I can say it is not easy.


Mas Light said...

wastaga, se pun mo patah pinggang kasi alih tu cabinet. suddenly I got the urge to clean my room. But not entirely done. Wargh I need new curtains.

chegu carol said...

hahaha comment si massy bah.

anyways, ive linked ur teacher diary sudah. yg satu tu, err... :P

Joan said...

massy's comment hehe

carol..yang satu tu nda payah kasi link its actually for our group punya sharing platform jak tu..hehehe