Friday, August 13, 2010

awake at 0120 hours

A few close friend of mine once said to me that my blog is always something very depressing. Then they will ask "are you like stressed out all the time"

The answer is Yes and No.

I appreciate much of the concern and I am actually considering to filter out my posts so that it will be more appealing to be read.

But, this blog also is my best friend. Like right now, this is the only avenue that is here and ready to listen to all my ramblings.

A chat with friends often resulting in a story telling feat which will make me to feel even more frustrated than ever.

These days I need a someone who would listen and never cut me during the conversation. I hate it so much when I was about to pour my hearts out then I got cut by another all-me-no-you stories.

Be it a phone call or a chat online.

What my life is something thats not meant to be shared? What kind of friend are you? Oh wait, I have lost belief on the word friend long long time ago.

And its already 1am plus and I just can't sleep because I really need someone to talk to. :((

Maybe I should start kneeling and talk to the One above.

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

hang on there :)