Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dream catcher

I want this!
I regret for not buying it when i saw one in Spain. I thought that 6 Euro is a waste because I thought its quite expensive




I can't even find one here in KK!


Unknown said...

I love that dream catcher...! very cultural... very red indian :D

Unknown said...

I saw a few on ebay... maybe you wanted to buy one from there :D


Mas Light said...

I got 2 from Perth :)

chegu carol said...

since massy said she got hers from perth, u wana request? sa buli tulung cari if u want.

by the way, what does it do? like betul2 catch dream?

Joan said...

carol...yes please..if ada you jumpa there,beli satu k. nanti i pay you...yeay!!! thanks!

about what does it really do i dunno la. suppose to catch good dreams and filter out bad dreams.

maybe massy can answer this since she got two already..hhehe

JerryInc said...

sa pun mau satu...hahaha