Tuesday, August 17, 2010


i think i need to change my mobile number.

i have been using it since uni years until now..so sayang mau tukar

but i hate it when i have anonymous numbers texted me to say hi, to say good night, or just random forwarded sms-es

I have tried my best to maintain the privacy of this personal line.

For business purpose I have another number but I don't really use it now since the online business thingy is temporarily halted.

But this personal line had been misused and exposed by others.

One, is by the workplace. Since we have our numbers printed on paper. It's very accessible to anyone. On one occasion as well, there was this letter of invitation sent out by the school for a project i was handling distributed to almost every learning institution with my mobile number printed on it.

Second, is by the students. I have a strict policy of not giving students my phone number but in certain cases they managed to find it also. DAMN! Should I tell you how they harass you with miscalls, sms-es, calls. ARGH!

Third, is by the church activities. I have my PERSONAL mobile number printed on the pamphlet for church programs which was distributed for the whole of Tuaran. OMG!

And now every now and then anonymous numbers keep on harassing me. Lucky it has become less now.

It was so bad at one point, I have to switch off my phone especially when on holidays when I am out of the country.

I was ON ROAMING for goodness sake!!!!!!

Please la jangan kacau if not important. Punya main sial...mahal bah tu roaming charges.


TaQuiLa said...

uhuu..my celcom which i has been used almost 10 years pun like that. even worse few years back. But as I filtered calls, the anonymous become less and less and tadaaa..only some calls yg mmg involve me la..

SMS? jan cakap la..heee.ignore jak tu moi..I have student who had crushed on me..budak Yr.6 baa, imagine suda pikir mo tinggal sama2..adi adii..JANGAN LAYAN :P

Some more..it seems the whole world u need to tell if u change ur number..punya susah tu..

Rungitom said...

Well, you should have a phone number for a very personal use. Ignore anonymous sms-ers, they have a very suspicious intentions anyway.

Anonymous said...

easy, if your phone is feature packed enough, use the built-in phone function and block unidentified numbers... that way you have control when you add people into your phone's address book - as they're the only ones who can contact you.

Anonymous said...

Teketawa sia baca ko punya last statement :) Itu roaming fee mmg silakak butul... kalau ndak mahal tu roaming, ndak juga sial kan?

CathJ said...

hahahahhaha.... punya *sadap* tu nota kecil di bawah sekali...

wah susah juga oh your situation... may be it's time to have 2nd number.. ^_^

LaViaP said...

why don't you convert your business line into your personal line and your current line your "for general purpose i will switch off on vacation" line.

i have one personal line, so personal i rarely use it, and i end up having about RM200 credit left.

oh HAHAHA love that nota kecil