Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sanity in movement

Inter-Team Competition ( Imperial Ballroom Dancing School )

It's basically like a school sports day where the students are divided into groups ( colour coded ones )
I am GOLD!!! hehehe. No lah - Yellow Team

Since I am participating, there's practically not much time to enjoy the food. Ugh~ rugi oh!

But I really enjoy the atmosphere. I love meeting new people as well. Somehow, thanks to the language barrier, ada susah sikit la. Huhu.

Anyway, terdapat juga aunty-aunty and uncles yang tetap cergas walaupun sudah melebihi usia jubli perak.

With the bling-ed up outfit. Whoa!!!!

Anyway, me and my partner joined two categories only. Samba and Jive it was.

The verdict:
Samba hancur..

Jive ..hmmm..bulih lah.

Team event ni semua so collect points for teams saja la. No personal wins. Tapi kalau ada hadiah pun tatap kalah ni. Haha.

Bah tinguk video...


Dev Clarehova said...

pewwiiittttttt!!!!!!!!!!! joannnnn...punya siok ko dance!!!!! pun mauu...mau..mau...;pp

TaQuiLa said...

how i wish i stay somewhere urban!

Amanda Christine Wong said...


Earthy Emily said...

Nice.. Looks fun. :D

chegu carol said...

wahh nice nice.
loves ur gold dress too!

Joan said...

dev..bah marilah join



milai. memang fun :)

chegu..thanks. baju beli di kamdar..hehe