Sunday, August 22, 2010

fourth weekend of the month

yeah, we have 5 Sundays this month of August.

So, on the fourth weekend this month ;

I attended Jon Tse's sophomore album launch. At City Mall. I first heard of his first album during my uni time. A friend introduced his songs to me. I pinjam the CD and just rip the songs... Hahaha. Jahat oh kan tidak mau beli.

Anyway, that was history. Now must support local artist. Hehe.
Atama and Alvin performed together with Jonathan during the finale.

Acoustic set for his showcase. He is truly a man blessed with talent to sing and talk to people.
Me and my sisters and JT
So, go and get a copy of his album now. 10 songs. RM30 only.

Me and Samentha.( Jon's gf ) ~Nice to meet you, Samentha!

I really find the whole concept of dividing the songs according to the Faith, Hope and Love theme is so cool!

My personal fave song on this album is La La Love. A beautiful~beautiful song. Its a duet song with Mia Palencia.

On the CD as well there's a bonus MTV on I'm Alive. Cool animation!

So, get your copy of Jonathan Tse's - I'm Alive album now!


TaQuiLa said...

can u get me his cd joan?

Joan said...

ok sure...nanti i will text u if got dy...

theRev said...

let me guess... ko dpt 'rip' album 1st dia dr si cyn... btul ka? :P
(baru skrg mo komen, ketara lama sdh nda buka)...
btw, what's your review of the latest album?

Joan said...

urm..nda ingat dari sepa sa pinjam tu cd..yang penting sa rip lagu dia pun bukan semua..haha

this latest album sa suka..sebab banyak collaboration with other artists..hehe

theRev said...

i'm liking "La La La (Love)" so far... :)
let me know if you can help get me the album ya... :D

Joan said...

matt..can bah. how to pass to you?