Thursday, August 12, 2010

Diary of A Teacher ( Episode 2 )

I can't help but not to feel haunted by the things I had done to my students today.

Prior to today, I just received a new timetable due to the shortage of teachers for the afternoon session.4 existing classes of maths and a top up of one class of science.

Well, some of my colleagues are being transferred out. So, the burden have to be shared among the existing teachers. Not fairly shared but nonetheless work is work.

Shut up and just teach.

Anyway, back to the story. I was teaching the chapter CIRCLES today and so the exercise given to the students were just to draw circles. DRAW circles. thats it!

Some of them didn't bring their compasses therefore I asked them to share so that the work could be done.

Then, of course there was this group of students who just don't like studying.

So, I just let them do whatever they want. I got so fed up with them that I lose my hope on them. The only thing that I made sure is that they won't disturb the students who really want to learn.

Moments later came the giggles, came the laughter. Tried to tell them not to make so much noise. Asked them to dress appropriately; imagine necktie hanging like a necklace, buttons for shirt is undone, shirts not tucked in, long hair, long fingernails.

It got better for a moment then I saw them keeping their exercise books away. Empty tables and just laughters.

I just can't take it anymore. Boiling point reached.

I tried to maintain my composure to not yell at them and just say calmly, "5 of you, please go out from the class now."

Nobody moved, a smirk and giggles came later.

Uhuhuhu..panas sudah betul2 ni. I repeated the request with hand gestures pointing to the door. Blood rushing to the head.

I took their bags then put it outside the class then shouted to them "OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!"

One by one went out. They grab their bags outside and ran away.

Took a moment to compose myself and explained to the class why I did that.

It was too much for me to handle, I guess its the best to get them out of the class. Before this I had avoided to halau them from my class. The last time this kind of things happen, I brought out all the students who wanted to learn out from the class and I teach them at one of resting area outside the class.

I halau the bad students today because I know its unfair for the good students to get punished for their friends' wrong doings.

Yet, at the same time I felt that I am jeopardizing the future of another 5 students.


I really understand why they are students who hated me so much at this point. But I really do wish that they do know that they are not the only beings with feelings. They have their friends and also their teachers to be think about.

I just hope that they are not THAT selfish. Yet, with the raging hormones and the rebellious phase now. They do not know that.

I can only pray for strength.

Seriously, I am very down now.


Vienne said...

budak2 skarang memang mcm tu ka...everytime i see student without their text book, kacau2 other yang mo blajar or nyanyi kuat dalam kelas, sa memang halau terus...paling x suka kalau homework dorang x pandai kasi siap...malas suda mo marah2..

Joan said...

ya la clare. nda sure ni menghalau adakah the best thing to do.

lepas sa halau tu dorang lari bertapuk ntah di mana then kena tangkap guru disiplin then kena tuduh escape.

at the same time sa sudah pigi lapor sama big boss yang sa halau budak..

then kesudahan dia dorang kana rotan la because of multiple offence.

did i feel happy about it? no. sedih sa.

Earthy Emily said...

These things happen Joan. Don't take it at heart. Yg penting we have done our part.