Thursday, August 05, 2010

who do u trust?

to pour out your feelings and all.

because for me I am always in the monologue with myself because I know people won't understand me.

at this moment, this conflict in my head is in progress.

Should just give up or hang on. Why am I feeling like this. No one to blame because the situation is just not helping.

There's too much at stake. Too many things to let go. Too much pain to bear.

its too much to bear sometimes, maybe I should just sleep it off. And little did I know, this is one of the reasons why I can't sleep at night.

a burden shared is a burden halved. but who do I trust?


Mas Light said...

Trust no one *queue x-files themes. Or maybe fringe theme ;)

Anonymous said...

Move on if you must, but don't ever give up. We may not know anything about what you're going through, but remember, there's always hope. Have faith.

God's answers: i) Okay ii) No, I have something better iii) Not just yet. Just chill out, okay? <--remember? ^^ *grin*

chegu carol said...

on a very personal matter...even the hubby doesnt even get to understand (yes, there are times when nobody else but myself could understand my own issue), i usually resolve to my green monologue book. but of cos, dalam 1 thn, probably 3-4 kali ja lah kena tulis because most of the time, i can relate the issues with si alvin.

Earthy Emily said...

If it feels right to let go, maybe there is something better to come. If it's God's will, it will be the best.