Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what is going on?

In the month of Ramadhan

In the month of our Hari Kebangsaan

In the spirit of 1Malaysia

All of these things are happening....

1) A principal being racist in Johor ( yet many claimed that she was framed )

2) Lots of claiming of halal and non-halal things on product ( a lot of it are just to create chaos, none are true )

3) And the story of this circulating in facebook
I am neither mad nor angry in anyway to the person who started this rumors for being defensive about this is not the solution

Yeah, I understand that people may be confused or misunderstandings can happen. But I plead to the person who started this un-true stories to just STOP

Before we make any conclusion on anything and start spreading lies, just remember to study or at least inquire more information on a certain matter because ignorance on this matter is not bliss.

Imagine the word SIHIR (black magic) can be used to describe the function of holy water.

Oh come on! No matter what religion we have, everyone knows that no religion uses SIHIR.

p.s: clarification on the caption of the picture ( courtesy of Jerry )

Pembetulan kepada si pen'cerita': (COPY PASTE dari kawan) Dalam gambar ini adalah Rev. Paulus Toni Tantiono OFM Capuchin berasal
dari Pontianak Kalimantan Barat dan sedangmengajarkan Kitab Suci di
Seminari Tinggi Permatang Siantar Sumatera Utara ...Indonesia
dan yang dibelakangnya ialah Rev. Fr. Nicholas Stephen ...berasal dari
Penampang Sabah dan sedang bertugas ...di Paroki St. John Tuaran Sabah
sebagai Paderi Paroki. Fr. Paulus adalah dari suku Chinese dan Fr.
Nicholas adalah dari Suku KadazanDusun. Tidak ada satu titik @ dot pun
darah mereka Melayu, apa lagi sebagai Islam...mereka adalah Paderi
Kristian Katolik 101%.


AngeL BeaR said...

and how on earth they can say that they are priest from Singapore???

Lett said...

Itulah akibat kalau manusia sudah taksub, teda akal dan bungkam.... Biarlah tuh Joan.... dun be surprise, ramai urg yg picaaya bulat2 tuh benda....

Suis Rusak said...

kesian c pado Nick kana kasi jd iklan2 ni.. adeh...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

I find this totally hilarious. I'm not angry at this person, I just find it's hilarious. Totally made my day.