Monday, January 11, 2010

Cross Country

The last time I ran 10K for the school's cross country event was like 11 years ago. That time I was in form 3 back in 1999. Budak lagi masih.

Still can run.

I ran again for the school's merentas desa today. But as a teacher now.

Still can run, plus a lot of walking.


Had so much fun.

From the sight of squashed taik anjing along the way because of the students' stampede, to injured students as well as the pengsan ones, teasing the students and pushing them to run.

It was such a joy when the students tried to compete with you when you ran pass them.

"Ui, cigu putung kita lah...lari!!!!"

They ran for like 10-15 meters ahead then stop again, just to make sure that they beat me...

and eventually I catch up with them.


I had fun. So did Daz and Mex.
Next year lari lagi ah. Kita kasi kalah si Erinah..hehehe

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CathJ said...

Telampauuuuu la bah ada org kena hempap batu... gara2 tidak sengaja termasuk photo... hahahhahahahahahahha