Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter without snow

Now it is kan? Don't you think so. It's like water everywhere and everything is wet.

I wanna bathe also susah...why? My house no water heater la. So, just gotta brave the cold. Yet, it was not so bad after all after much shivering and jumping up and down. Haha.

Hujan pun hujan lah, life still have to go on. Saturday is as usual except that I slept until 8.40 am. So happy!!!! That's the latest time I got out of bed since forever. Yeah, *sigh actually*, house rules never allow anyone to sleep in until noon.

A few things that I would like to blog here:

1) Nice ka the new look for this blog? Haha. Nothing major changed but I know there's so much like the care-bears theme...still I like! Brighten up my day and I can't help but not to smile looking at it. Although the rainbow is an upside down smile. It still makes me happy. Cupcake must stay also. ^_^

2) I got an ukulele. With great determination, I wanna pick up another instrument this year.

And so got story la behind this ukulele. I went to Karamunsing with my sister to buy the Uke and since initially the plan to travel to KK was to attend a kickboxing session ( which was cancelled due to many absentees ) - so we are not really dressed for the mall. We didn't wear the sports shoes and just wear selipar jipun instead. Shoes inside car - lazy to wear.

Then we went in the shop asked the assistant to get us the Uke in the display glass. Manatau, there's a group of girls also want to see the Uke. Okay la never mind la, sama-sama see can also bah.

But the shop assistant tidak layan kami ni. Punya la silaka! Mentang-mentang la kami buruk.

He entertained the group of girls who ( of course ) were dressed for the mall. Nice hair, cute outfit. Then tune the Uke lagi for the girls. I am not a girl meh...( oh wait, I am not dressed like one ). Sportswear and messy hair. Blergh!

So, we just wait la and pay then just get out. Benci.

Went around the mall a bit and proceed to 1B. Sana lagi la, we felt alienated. Ciss!! Went in Hush Puppies punya shop. We were given the "look".

What????? If not dressed nicely, you think I don't have money meh? Saya beli 10 pasang itu kasut sana baru ko tau.

Just one good thing about not dressing nicely is that the people who always stand and kejar people to offer free gifts tu and what not offers...They won't approach you. Because why?

I look like I don't have money. Haha.

Dunia~ Dunia~!!!


Dazeree Joan said...

hahaha! tu la ba manusia ni suka judge org dri luaran ja.

btw, sa pun mo new blog look ni. tp tunggu c serra la. hahaha!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

haha...kin panas o kan org gitu...double standard!

Earthy Emily said...

Waaaa....coincidence. I tot of buying a Ukulele too after watching the "Ukulele Boy" youtube video.

Frankie said...

hahah lucu juga...begitu ka pla, klu tidak dressed up, trus xkana layan? pa juga ko pakai p mall ni joan? pyjamas ka?lol

Lee said...

Hi Joan, love your rainbow blog picture.
You mentioned about 'look like no money'? Ha ha.
But you certainly have a lovely smile, can light up three city blocks.

You stay young, keep well and have a pleasant week, and stay warm. Lee.