Monday, January 04, 2010

First Monday of the year

Yes, I survived!

Funny this afternoon before I drove to school which is by the way just 3 mins drive away, I say a little prayer.

"God, thank you for the opportunity to serve my purpose as a teacher again this year. Please give me Your guidance in everything that I will face today. Amen."

The prayer just come out of nowhere while driving to school.


Do you remember the feeling when you were on a long break during school holidays and the excitement the night before school reopens lingers in you as butterflies in the stomach?

Ooh, I definitely remembered my years. I was so excited especially when I have a new hair do to show off on the first day of school. Mintapuji konon

Now that the role is not the same anymore and coming to 3 years to teaching, the excitement is here to stay but it is definitely a different one.

Statistics of last examination is up, the PMR results statistics is out and these are the things that really made my life miserable at times as a teacher. Exam oriented culture - its inevitable. It stays in our community. No matter how hard the Ministry tried to oppose that.

Statistics aside, I am more concerned on how many minds that I can mold this year. So far the two classes that I entered today, rays of hope, like colors of rainbow can be seen. So, I must not mess it up.

My prayers for my first day has been answered.

Uhm..that means tomorrow gotta pray again la ni? ^_^v

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