Friday, January 08, 2010

Drama non-stop

It's tiring. The drama I mean. Don't they realize sometimes we are merely puppets played by some people? Discreetly done.

Tons of explanation being offered, according to this, quoting from that, different views, numerous dissatisfaction and mind you suddenly everyone is being religious today. Haha.

Lucky here in Borneo, the situation is almost non-existent. My heart goes to the people in Klang Valley who may live in fear now. Pray for peace everyone, regardless of your religion.

Another 13 of May to be repeated? We pray hard, please don't.

As I said, whatever it is...violence is not the solution. That violence related solution will only be taken by un-educated, no-religion and totally shallow human beings. I guess the Big Guy above ( regardless of any religion ) is totally sad with what is happening now.

Guess who is smiling now? Some cilaka politicians cum puppeteer I guess.

Ooh, and another thought. Don't you people think that this is also a wake up call for everyone ( for any religion ) to observe their religion better? To really get to know what their own religion teaches, how they should practice it?

And I think this is really creative... always think out of the box eh?


Gallivanter said...

Our politicians are devious, and it's one of their plans to ensure that they remain in power. They surely know the majority malay mindset.

As a Christian, I forgive them.


chegu carol said...

it's getting out of hand that i dunno what and how to respond bcos the more you tell ur opinion, the more the ignorance try to counter-attack your opinion *sigh*..and the only best way is to leave this hand to God.

btw, amanda? our amanda? :)

Joan said...

Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing..


Carol.. mandut laitu..hehe