Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Face lift done

And so....since I was inspired by this during the last school holidays. I decided to do some makeover for my room.

Well, not that successful though but am quite satisfied with the outcome. Since got request dulu asking me to take pictures kan...So here it is.

This is my favorite part of my room now.
The place for me to relax and chill out after a long day.
Tapi itu buku sana sudah jadi part of the deco saja...Haha..I was struggling to finish the book. Flipped one or two pages then I fell asleep. How to finish like that?

The other two sides of my room is my vanity counter......
and my work station. station no need to show la. Kusut kepala kamurang nanti..hahaha..But you can see also la sikit at the reflection of the mirror.

I know there's a lot of pink. Saya suka...apa boleh buat la kan? ^_^


Earthy Emily said...

I want to redecorate my bedroom too. But for now there're too many junks in it. Maybe we should do the single girl's bedroom tag. Hehe.

TaQuiLa said...

trus sa teingat ko deco ur bedroom sana fajar bakti hari tu..hahaha

CathJ said...

Very cute room.... I like it.. if I am still muda2 mcm kamu ni sure will do the same thing...hahahhaha

Lizeewong said...

Ada sikit2 mcm bilik c Bella Swan in Twilight. Only thing missing is Edward Cullen...Hehehe..It looks cosy :)