Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday again

It's the time again when time is the factor that hinders everything to be done on time. Dayem!

Anyway, this is my second week for my Mission Possible. I will definitely blog about it soon. *When I have the time...Haha, time factor again*

I am just to tired to do anything now. Mentally I mean. The to-do list just keep getting longer everyday. Must sleep early tonight, for tomorrow I gotta go and jaga the kids for sports training.

I hope tonight I won't have any nightmares. I dreamed about seeing and swarmed by lots of snakes. ewwwww.. and some other life's drama and tragedy. Ended up waking up to a morning which made me feel that there's something is not right.

Talk about waking up at the wrong side of the bed. But seriously, my subconscious mind these few days keep reeling about deaths and tragedy - and I hate this.

p.s: Sheila, you are not the only with nightmares oh this. We are on the same boat actually - just different issues.


TaQuiLa said...

wahhh ada tu ular p patuk2 ko? if got..urang tua2 cakap, ada lelaki mo masuk meminang ko..hikhikhihkhik

Joan said...

teda kana patuk..kana keliling2 practically everywhere...

Rungitom said...

Probably just a dream's play. You worry too much I guess.