Thursday, January 07, 2010

January Challenge

Keeping you resolutions for the new year is the hardest when the the old habits is just like drugs that you gotta keep taking.

Mine is : credit card usage.

My resolution this year is to spend less. Not exactly focusing on the Credit Card. But that plastic money is the root of all the evilness of my uncontrollable need of retail therapy.

To start with spending less. I promised not to swipe my CC for the whole month. Just to make sure, I wont add the debt.

But.. but..but..* uuuu, I can see eyes all on me now*

Forgive me. I used it at the petrol station yesterday to fill up.

Huhuhuhu... I broke my promise.

All right..all right. My bad okay. Don't start with the "I told you so" thi
ngs. But I did transfer money to the CC account just to make it even.

I paid the exact amount of the petrol. So, no damage done right?

I have found my solution now. I can use the plastic money but I need to pay it straight away. Have to discipline myself then.

The rule is : If you can't afford it then don't buy it.

Now, I am thinking to replace my CC to a Debit Card instead. Better like that huh?

To all the people who don't have their financial life revolves around CC bills. I salute you!!!


So, because I can't use the CC to splurge on things. I just wanna dream about these things *just to make me feel better*

1) I want a Nike sports bra

2) Pink Blackberry please?!?!

3) A Gucci Boston Bag
* at least the imitation ones la...can't afford the original ones. Now I felt like slapping myself for not buying the good quality imitation of this bag in China last-last year*

4) Pamper me day at a spa.
Full package *scrubs, massage, manicure, pedicure etc* Ah! pure bliss...Been wanting to have this since last year.

5) Fossil watch in Pink Rose.
Not that I don't have a watch right now but it is way to sporty to be worn with a dress or a kebaya. Like my friend said "Bikin rusak outfit saja tu jam kau". Come to think of it, it is true also la.

Sigh! Dream on Joan....


TaQuiLa said...

tell me if u when u wana go a day spa.i want to join!

CathJ said...

Some dreams will always come true... soo keep dreaming.. ^_^

I am using Debit now a days..better..

Psst: apply for airasia debit card.. they reward cash back for your total usage.. ^_^.. instead of points..