Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend is over

How was your weekend? Wet? Haha. Luckily it stopped raining today. Well, it was cloudy still but at least the sun can peek through the clouds.

I can't really recall what I did for my weekends. It was fast. I just came back from emcee-ing an event just now. Blunder and blurred all the way. I think my tongue folded in so many lipatan maybe. Cakap pun tidak clear.

Ooh, sharing Paola the Polaroid Cam's work on our camwhoring project this Sunday.

The films are expensive but it's totally worth it to have the old skool look. I totally heart it!


CathJ said...

buang karan lah bah c doggy...hahahahha

Mas Light said...

LOL at the 1st shot. LOL the dog adds a finishing touch there ;) enter frame.

sweet-girlicious said...

you look great inside the photo...nice pose!