Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday today

Today is Ponggal Day. The harvest festival for the Hindus. I still remember back in USM, my roomate brought the rice cooked with milk plus nuts and sweet things after Ponggal. It was nice!

By the way, I just realized in my planner that on the 12th was Pharmacist's Day and yesterday was Make your Dreams Come True Day. Macam-macam ridiculous day pun ada ni. Haha. I am so loving my 2010 planner.

Oh ya, it is the second week of January already. How's your 2010 so far?

Mine has never been any better than this so far. Fingers crossed that more good things happening along the way. A lot of new opportunities come for me to venture out on the grounds that I never thought I could be. It is just a matter of courage to do it now. Will blog about those things when the time is right la.

It is all about the law of attraction.*google it if you don't have any clue on this*

Say Cheers to positive thinking!


The aromatherapy oil is burning now. A bit skeptical about the lavender smell tadi. I was having a tough time to choose the scent that I wanna burn initially...But lavender is amazing. Very relaxed now. I wanna do some reading lah. Need a time out from the net especially facebook. Btw, my mom forgot to cook dinner just now because she was so occupied with her facebook account. Susah la macam ni.


TaQuiLa said...

hehee..that's why I never want to open a FB account to my mum. Luckily she don't insist also la..Biarlah she spent lots of time in her AirAsia webpage..hhuhuhu

karulann said...

Haha, so true so true about the Law of attraction...

CathJ said...

good to hear that.. as for me mcm belum start engine ni... adehhhhh